Founded in 2009 by husband and wife designers, Klepac & Co. strives to bring simplicity back into living. With Catharine's background in Interior Design and Derek's background in Architecture, you will have their combined skills and vision to transform your space into your dream home. They love to travel to west Texas where they are inspired by the desert skies, native plants, and slow living. These qualities come through in everything they put their hands on.


derek klepac, aia

architect + fabricator

Derek is a licensed Architect working in Knox Henderson at a fast-paced Architecture firm. He is extremely skilled at space planning and visualizing the three dimensional volume of a space down to the finest of details. He fabricates industrial planters and creates beautiful custom furniture pieces for clients all over the country. 

He loves building furniture, playing golf, cycling, woodworking, cooking out on the grill, watching documentaries, playing with legos, binge watching shows as a family, and trying to cope with the fact that he'll always be second fiddle in the eyes of their dog.


catharine klepac, rid

interior designer

Catharine is a Registered Interior Designer striving to bring good design into the homes of Dallas and surrounding areas. She has a background in commercial and hospitality design, but her true passion is residential. It's just more personal. She believes that your home should be your place of respite and inspiration. It should reflect who you are as an individual or family. You know that really cool hotel you stayed in last summer, and how it made you feel? With her help, that could be the way your home feels all the time.  

She loves being a mama to the sweetest baby girl, and raising her to be a strong and confident tiny human. Catharine is a firm supporter of the Raw Motherhood movement, and loves to share the highs and lows of the most exciting and challenging job in the world: Motherhood. She enjoys thrifting for vintage finds, hot yoga, taking their rescue pup for long walks, searching for the perfect cappuccino in the city, dreaming of the next road trip to Marfa, tending to their cacti, and hoarding pillows.